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Department of Family Medicine

McMaster Family Health Team

About Us

The McMaster Family Health Team (MFHT) is a group of three clinics serving over 40,000 patients in Hamilton, Ontario. Two of our clinics are academic family health teams and the third is an academic maternity centre. Although there are a wide range of activities at the MFHT, our top priority is providing excellent care to our patients. This commitment to patients was recognized in 2014 when MFHT was awarded as the Ontario College of Family Physicians’ Family Practice of the Year.

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This means our patients have access to a variety of health care professionals within our clinics. In addition to a family doctor and nurses, our clinics also have social workers, dietitians, lactation consultants, family medicine residents and many other specialties.

Both patients and providers benefit from our interprofessional team environment. Clinics with so many different health care providers working together truly allows us to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Academic Family Health Teams, like ours, are important to the future of our health care system. In partnership with our patients, we are training the next generation of health care professionals.

Family medicine residents are a central part of our team. These doctors are completing an additional two years of family medicine training before entering independent medical practice. They work directly with our patients and our interprofessional team to provide exceptional, personalized care.

We also have a strong focus on continued training, development and growth for our entire interprofessional team. We promote a culture of learning for everyone working at our clinics.

Being affiliated with McMaster University’s Department of Family Medicine is another of our unique benefits. Many of our health care providers are also faculty members within the Department.

Staff and providers across our clinics are active in a range of research projects and initiatives that aim to improve patient care and the health care system as a whole.

Through the generous participation of patients, partnerships with community organizations, and collaboration with research leaders across the world, we are making a positive impact on how people receive care today and into the future.